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Why Messy Play?

Human development research emphasises that the period from conception to age 6 years has the most important influence of any time in the life cycle on brain development and subsequent learning, behaviour and health (Williams, 1999:522-524, Comley & Mousmanis, 2003:3). 

Messy or sensory play contributes to these right conditions for growth and development as it provides endless ways to learn and develop. Children learn through unstructured, exploratory play which allows them to make their own discoveries by using their senses, curiosity, creativity and knowledge.

Benefits of our Messy Play Programme:​

  • Social & Emotional Development – self- confidence, independence, decision making, imagination, problem solving, relationship building

  • Gross Motor Development – body control, poise, balance, coordination, body awareness

  • Fine motor development – hand-eye coordination, concept of size & shapes, sound recognition, counting & sorting

  • Audio & Speech development – social interaction, boosting of confidence, exposure to new vocabulary, listening & visual perception

  • Cognitive development – focus and concentration, exposure to different textures, colours, shapes & sound


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