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Messy Play | Hollandse Club | Bukit Timah

MessyPlay is planned for every Wednesday morning, subject to having enough participants.

Messy Play is held at the Hollandse Club in the Africa room.

Hollandse Club Members gets 25% discount. Use code HCMEM at checkout.

Below, please find class times. Please register your interest by completing the registration form. You will be notified as soon as we have enough participants for the class to continue.

Messy Tots | Wednesdays | 09h30 - 10h20 

This class is suitable for children aged 12 months - 36 months. Child must be able to walk by him / herself. This is an adult accompanied class.

Messy Babies | Wednesdays | 11h20 - 12h00 

This class is suitable for children aged 4 months - 15 months. This is specifically for sitters, crawlers & morning nappers. This class is adult accompanied.


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