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Messy Play Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully before booking any Messy Play classes.

MESSY PLAY is brought to you by Kids Play Active Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company.

During a MESSY PLAY lesson your child will be exposed to various sensory bins filled with food items, garden items and other everyday material. If you are not comfortable for him/her to be exposed to this, please do not enrol your child for MESSY PLAY.

MESSY PLAY is conducted at various schools and venues. The rules of the venue used for the programme should be adhere to at all times. Your child will not be allowed to run around the venue unsupervised, climbing on any furniture, making noise or any other inappropriate behaviour.

Kids Play Active Pte Ltd has the right to cancel or reschedule any class due to illness of instructor, weather & haze (for outdoor venues), lack of minimum number of participants or any other reason. In such an event you will be refunded in full for the class.

Children take part in MESSY PLAY for enjoyment and enrichment. In order for all to receive the most out of the lesson, we require a certain level of discipline. Should your child act out during a lesson, he/she will be removed from the situation, calmed and will be allowed to join back in when he/she is ready to do so.

MESSY PLAY is specifically developed for children in their early years with maximum value output as a priority.

MESSY TOTS is specifically designed for age group 15 months - 36 months. The class is adult accompanied. The adult will actively be involved in the activities. We therefore ask that the adult do not socialise or spend time on the phone during activities; all focus and attention must be on the child, encouraging him / her to explore and discover.

A sick child is better cared for at home. The MESSY PLAY instructor has the right to ask for a child to be taken home should he/she feel that the child is too ill to participate.

All MESSY PLAY instructors are trained in basic Child First Aid. In case of an incident, they will act immediately in the best interest of the child and then seek additional help and assistance if needed.


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